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age: 18
fond of warmth
One of our heroes. Fun-loving, not very adventurous. All he wants to do is settle down with his girlfriend and live in peace. Often picked at for being weak, but isn't that weak at heart. Just crappy at keeping promises.


age: a few hundred years here and there
fond of company
Our other hero. Very brave, but not the smartest. New to this world and everything in it, she's trying to find her family she never knew. Very happy to be on this adventure with Säde, even if she doesn't always seem like it. has had enough of always being on her own.


age: 20
fond of sweets
Clever and handy, although not one to stay in one place for too long, to Säde's dismay. Adapts to any new situation quite fast, and always remains optimistic. Of mysterious origin, surrounded by rumors. Who knows what that really is, though.



age: just a number
fond of her life work
The mysterious seemingly evil witch who can, as it appears, take any(?) shape she wants. Has to sew her clothes onto her body, as clothes don't stay on witches. But she feels like they're something one cannot live without in the North.


Landlord Schultz

age: 25
fond of a good joke
The strong-willed head of a manor. Dislikes animals, criminals, and liars, but can be kind of a hypocrite. Hard to impress and tough inside out.


age: 18
fond of cats and flowers
Calm and collected, this girl is the perfect girl to hire as your handmaid! Too bad she's already employed at what she would describe as the best place to be a handmaid. She is trustworthy, hardworking, and the landlord's favorite employee because she's never afraid to truly speak her mind.



the näkk

age: nobody cares
fond of getting things done
A kind of a mess of an individual whom nobody really knows that much about, except that in order to become a näkk a human must have died a violent death in water. This näkk doesn't really seem to mind being a dead evil creature though.


age: 17
fond of nice weather
Madis is popular with the ladies because of his good sense of humor, strength, and sweetness. He's a very dear childhood friend to Sanna and loves having a good time with his friends, both old and new.




age: 18
fond of a good smoke
Emin dislikes people and sees the worst in most of them at first glance, so he sticks to his close friends, and honestly, that's enough for him. Seemingly a crook, but once you get to know him and he shows you his heart of gold you'll never want to let him go.


age: 26
fond of a good-quality fur
Britt is the mothership holding everything together and under control. She's gracious, understanding, but also ruthless if needed. Nothing can stop her. She was the one to raise Emin.




age: 25
fond of herself and the sea, preferrably combined
Maria is the captain of a cargo ship and the daughter of a well-respected trader. What she lacks in manners and personal hygiene she makes up for with her loud mouth and strong will.