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January 8th, 2014, 5:10 am




(basically copy-pasting the comment from the latest page:) hey everyone! sorry about the REALLY rowdy and nude scandalous update right after lots of new people got here, i hope it doesn't scare you away. should I add a mature content warning?? it's just bubs and I come from a society where you can see bare chests and halfnaked people on tv without it having to be 18+ broadcast time but...? i'm not sure if this deserves a mature content rating or not.

EITHER WAY, WOW, 60+ FANS ALL OF A SUDDEN, and a comic spotlight! thank you all so much for reading, it means the world to me since working on this is something i'm incredibly passionate about and finding out about the comic spotlight was just !!!!!! klsdhflskdfhsldkfhdskhfskl WOW. thank you all so much, you rock so much!